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In 1972, the federal government eliminated capital-gains deferrals for rental buildings.  These tax deferrals gave owners of rental building incentives to continually reinvest in purpose-built rental housing.  Without this incentive, owners are encouraged to hold onto real estate longer, slowing the redevelopment process.  Since this change in tax policy, investment in new purpose-built rental housing has been stagnant all across Canada.  The Victoria Real Estate Board supports tax policy change that would re-instate the capital-gains deferral and has recently provided funding to the UBC Sauder School of Business to study this policy question.  These changes are also supported by tenant advocacy groups who point to low vacancy rates and rising rents as two of the consequences of a limited supply of purpose-built rental housing.

The Canadian Rental Housing Coalition supports these proposed tax policy changes.  Goal 2 of the CRHC Charter states: Reinstate federal tax incentives to stimulate private market rental housing.  Read the full CRHC charter and add your organization’s endorsement here: Canadian Rental Housing Coalition Charter


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