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A healthy housing sector that meets the needs of Canada’s diverse population is critical to both the economic and social wellbeing of Canada’s communities.  While renters make up one-third of the population, rental housing is too often overlooked as a component of Canada’s housing system.  No Vacancy: Trends in Rental Housing in Canada, a report prepared by FCM using their Quality of Life Reporting System takes a look a current trends in rental housing and homeownership in communities across the country.  The report provides insight into various initiatives introduced in communities across Canada designed to stimulate investment in purpose-built rental and affordable housing.   The report concludes by offering three options for the federal government to adopt that will stimulate investment in the rental housing market:

  1. The Building Canada Rental Development Direct Lending Program to stimulate investment in new market-priced rental units

  2. The Rental Housing Protection Tax Credit to preserve and stop the serious erosion— through demolition and conversion to condominiums— of existing lower-rent properties.

  3. The Eco-energy Rental Housing Tax Credit to improve the quality of the rental stock; reduce high utility costs for tenants; reduce emissions and environmental impact; and increase resale and future rental value to landlords.

FCM Press Release: More Canadians find “no vacancy” when trying to rent, says FCM report

Full Report: No Vacancy: Trends in Rental Housing in Canada


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